Jones International University - The World's University






The "I" in JIU

As part of Jones International University's vision to make education more equally available to everyone, regardless of geographic location,  offers its full array of graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates available to students worldwide.

Multicultural Student Body and Faculty

JIU's asynchronous model makes it easy for students to engage with peers and faculty regardless of where they're located. We are proud to currently have students in 44 unique countries and the U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico. If you include our alumni, the number jumps to 144 countries. JIU's faculty members and content experts add to this diverse student body and contribute to a rich, multicultural perspective that prepares competent, global citizens. They are involved in the academic community through writings, publications and/or presentations but, more importantly, they are committed to the success of our students and to the JIU mission.

United Nations Development Programme

In 2001, Jones International University was selected by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to develop its new Virtual Development Academy (VDA), equipping its mid-level managers with the knowledge and skills to provide superior consultative services to UNDP countries.

The VDA uses a combination of online courses and face-to-face seminars to build participants' skills and competency to offer state-of-the-art advisory services to the countries in which they work. Following the JIU instructional model, VDA courses promote collaborative study and communication among participants in a collegial atmosphere and foster learning beyond the VDA experience.

For the first several years of the academy, JIU ran the program and administered the courses. JIU educated nearly 500 VDA participants between 2002 and 2005, and continues to maintain an informal relationship with the Learning Resouce Centre in the Bureau of Management at the UNDP. The United Nations relies on the UNDP for development advice, advocacy, and grant support.