History of Jones International University


Jones International University is founded by Glenn R. Jones as the first university to exist fully online.


JIU launches its first courses, initially offering a Master of Arts in Business Communications degree.


The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications degree completion program is added to the JIU offerings.


The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and a member of the North Central Association (ncahlc.org, 800.621.7440) votes to grant regional accreditation to Jones International University, authorizing JIU to offer undergraduate and master's level degree programs. This distinguishes JIU as the first entirely online "virtual" institution in the U.S. to earn regional accreditation.


North Central Association (NCA) votes in March to approve JIU's Master of Business Administration degree program. One month later, the first MBA students begin classes.


JIU introduces online education programs in Spanish.

The Master of Education in e-Learning degree program is launched in March, following approval of the NCA.


The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program receives NCA approval and accepts its first students into the program.


JIU adds several additional degree specializations, including the MBA in Finance, and three new Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication and three new Master of Arts in Business Communication degrees.


JIU Chancellor Glenn R. Jones is inducted into the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

The United Nations Development Programme selects JIU to run its Virtual Development Academy for the third consecutive year.

JIU signs an articulation agreement with Maricopa Community Colleges, one of the largest community college systems in the U.S., to provide its students a seamless route to their bachelor's degrees.


The Colorado State Board of Education (CSBE) determines that JIU's Teacher Licensure and Principal and Administrator Licensure degrees are "approved programs of preparation" for public school K-12 teachers and administrators. The Colorado content standards are recognized by 48 other U.S. states and territories.

The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) qualifies JIU MBA in Finance graduates for Master Financial Professional™ (MFP™) Designation and board certification.

JIU signs articulation agreement with the Colorado Community College system, the largest system of higher education in the state, to provide a seamless transition from community college to a baccalaureate program at an accredited online university.


JIU launches its "cyberdome," a one-of-a-kind virtual arena that will serve as the venue for university graduation ceremonies, as well as entertainment and educational productions. The cyberdome's inaugural ceremony was the commencement of JIU's Class of 2005-2006.


JIU introduces its first doctoral programs: A Doctorate of Education in K-12 Education Leadership and a Doctorate of Business Administration. Approved by Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for affiliation status.

Associate of Arts in Business Administration and Associate of Science in Digital Media approved by HLC for affiliation status.


Education Specialist programs in the School of Education approved by HLC for affiliation status.


Doctorate of Education – Adult Education Leadership approved by HLC for affiliation status.


JIU becomes a candidate for NCATE accreditation.