Jones International University announces formation of Society of Scholars

Academic fellowship created
to evolve and nurture scholarly concepts and activities among faculty and


DENVER, Colo., (December
20, 2011) —
International University®, Ltd. (JIU®) today announced the formation of the
JIU Society of Scholars.  With a focus on
the subject areas of Education, Business and Technology, the JIU Society of
Scholars (Society) will promote scholarly dialogue including current trends
around its subject areas.  It will
support, model and recognize faculty research and provide opportunities for
doctoral students to work at advanced levels with doctoral-level researchers
and educators, help to socialize doctoral students into the profession, and promote
scholarly research, dialogue, and collaboration by its Fellows and amongst JIU
doctoral students.


by the Royal Society of London, a cohort formed in 1663 by Robert Hooke,
Christopher Wren, Sir Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin’s American
Philosophical Society, the JIU Society of Scholars will endeavor to create an
environment which encourages cross-pollination of information and exploration
among academic scholars.  Further, the
JIU society is founded on the hope of deepening and widening academic
collaboration by embracing the digital, collaboration-enabling tools now
available and to be made available online.


am excited by the potential for academic collaboration to occur among the
Fellows of the JIU Society of Scholars,” stated Dr. Richard Green, Chair of the
Society’s Council.  “By effectively applying
digital collaboration tools, we can help enable the exploration of knowledge,
including how it is gathered, stored, delivered, taught, learned, applied and
measured on a scale never before seen in the history of humankind.”


JIU Society of Scholars will hold quarterly council meetings.  The Society will commence activity with
invitations to Fellows and isolation of potential subjects of inquiry and
research topics.  In terms of research,
the Society shall sharply focus on evolving the “Common Stock of Knowledge” in,
about, and as it relates to, the online aspects of its areas of interest.


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