Jones International University Joins WSCC Consortium

JIU expands Troop to Teachers relationship

DENVER (April 3, 2006)- Jones International University®, Ltd. (JIU®) has joined the Western States Certification Consortium (WSCC), an organization of universities offering education toward teacher licensure. The WSCC is specifically geared to American military personnel who plan to transition into careers as elementary and secondary school teachers.

Troops to Teachers is a federal initiative offering financial assistance and stipends to anyone moving from the military into teaching K-12. It is a joint effort of the U.S. departments of Education and Defense to aid service men and women who are leaving active duty or are recently retired, to become licensed teachers and in some cases earn their master's degrees in education. For more information on this initiative, go to:

Military personnel have always been a focus of JIU, an online university designed to be available globally. JIU boasts students and alumni who are actively serving around the world, including students who study online from U.S. Naval ships at sea. JIU offers scholarships to military personnel and their immediate families.

"The demand for new teachers is high and growing, and we are excited to help," said JIU President David Leasure, Ph.D. "We know firsthand from working with our military students, how motivated and disciplined they are and how the skills they learn in the service will make them terrific teachers. We're glad to be a part of the Troops to Teachers initiative."

As part of the initiative, the U.S. Department of Education funded the WSCC, which launched in January 2005. The interstate organization helps identify appropriate schools for service men and women who are signing up for the program, counsels and mentors students as they go through their courses. For more information about WSCC, go to: