Jones International University to Sponsor Recycle IT Event

Colo., (September 5, 2013)
– Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the nation and home to
some of the healthiest cities.  Healthy lifestyles and a clean environment
go hand in hand and that’s why Solve IT, a Lakewood, Colorado technology
business, has teamed up with Techno + Rescue a certified e-steward TM
electronic recycler, to host Recycle IT.  This year, Solve IT’s Spring
2013 Recycle IT brought in over 10,000 pounds of electronic equipment.

“Recycle IT
aims to give consumers and businesses in our community the opportunity to do
the right thing for the environment by recycling their old electronics
responsibly.  Every year we have had a great response from the public,
people coming through the event are happy to get rid of those clunky monitors,
giant TVs, and old PCs.  People tell us that they appreciate knowing that
their data is being securely destroyed and that they are not poisoning the
ground with lead and other deadly chemicals in their machines,” said Tasha
Pierce, Marketing Coordinator at Solve IT.  “The response from the public
has been greater at each event and we look forward to continuing to host
Recycle IT twice annually, in April and September.”

International University® (JIU®) is proud to sponsor the September
Recycle IT event.  JIU is committed to making
a difference in the community.  As a
technology driven company, JIU appreciates Solve IT’s commitment to recycling
efforts, specifically with items that are traditionally more inconvenient to
recycle, due to cost and drop-off requirements. 

The event
will take place Saturday, September 7, in the Solve IT parking lot, from 9 am
to 1 pm.  Solve IT is located at 200
Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO.  Part of
JIU’s sponsorship allows individuals to recycle electronics for little to no
cost.  Please reference the list below
for associated cost involved with some electronics’ recycling. 

CRT monitors              $5.00

TVs                            $15.00

laptops, hard drives, cell phones, PDAs, IPods, keyboards, mice, handheld devices and all other electronics  FREE

About Solve

Solve IT is
an information technology company located in Lakewood, Colorado, and services
businesses in Colorado.  Solve IT has the expertise and experience to
maximize your investment in technology. Their team of business and technology
consultants can be trusted to provide the services your company needs. 
For more information on Solve IT’s services or to contact them, visit their
website at

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