Three Pillars of JIU Culture

The Three Pillars of JIU CultureIn order to create our JIU Culture of caring and to meet the JIU Gold Standards for teaching, our faculty members go beyond their text books and lecture notes. They reach out to each individual student and engage them in active-learning by building on the student’s past life experiences [constructivism]. Our faculty members are expected to weave the Three Pillars of the JIU Culture into their interactions with students.

The Three Pillars of JIU Culture

  1. Positive Student Experience

    A Positive Student Experience is a foundational pillar for the success of JIU students. Our students feel valued and their thoughts and ideas are validated. Our students feel like their education and the experience of getting their education has value.

    Examples of positive student experiences include:

    • Validation of thoughts, ideas and efforts
    • Being treated with respect
    • Academic and personal growth
    • Recognizing the value of each course
  2. Caring and Compassion

    Our students are adult learners with real world experiences. Most of our students are between 30 and 55 years of age. They have come to JIU with real goals and visions for their future endeavors. Caring and Compassion contribute to a student’s self-esteem. We want each student to know that they are valued and that they are not just a number or dollar sign at JIU!

    Our faculty members show respect, understanding, and empathy for our students when they struggle to meet our standards and expectations. Some students will require more encouragement and coaching. Our faculty members are expected to not only grade assignments but to fill in the gap for students who miss the mark. Our faculty members are expected to provide substantive feedback so that students can literally learn from their mistakes.

  3. Human Touch

    The Third Pillar of the JIU Culture is Human Touch. Because we are an online university it is vital that we bridge the virtual divide by establishing a personal rapport with each student. Faculty members are encouraged to be innovative in engaging our students throughout the course.

    JIU Faculty reach out through:

    • Phone calls, SKYPE, and Emails
    • Making personal connections through Welcome videos, reading, and connecting with each student regarding their JIU Profile
    • Feedback, Feedback, Feedback! Providing feedback through the Forum and the Grade Book-feedback that is frequent and in-depth