School of Business

The JIU School of Business develops today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders who are effective decision makers with an ethical, global perspective in the organizations they serve.

We offer an array of online business degrees to choose from. No matter your interests, you will find the perfect area of study to reach your personal and professional goals.

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Message from the Dean

William Loendorf

Designed to provide the latest, professionally oriented and authentically based educational environment for today's leaders, our exceptional undergraduate and graduate business programs will help you reach your goals.

The students who enroll in the School of Business are intent on improving their careers and the world around them. They have selected JIU because of our international reputation and our focus on students and their professional development. They are also generally adult learners who bring their own wealth of experience to the classroom, which further enriches the learning environment for everyone.

  • At the heart of our school is a supportive, accessible world-class faculty and staff, dedicated to your success.
  • Our faculty members bring a combination of academic degrees from prestigious institutions and levels of industry experience that result in a learning experience that is based on the latest theory and research and has a professional, practitioner focus that is designed to support your career aspirations.
  • The faculty design and deliver a high-caliber curriculum that is designed with your professional success in mind.
  • Assignments are authentically based and are appropriate to the courses’ needs, whether it is problem-based or project-based learning.

All of us at JIU’s School of Business are focused on helping you to earn the education that you need, and want, to become one of tomorrow’s leaders!

William Loendorf, PhD
Dean, School of Business

The JIU School of Business is proud to be one of the original 100 signatories to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The PRME was developed as a framework for “academic institutions to advance corporate social responsibility through the incorporation of universal values into curricula and research.” The School of Business has incorporated the concepts of Corporate Responsibility and Effective and Ethical Global Leadership throughout its programs. In addition, JIU incorporates the concepts of Sustainable Global Growth into its graduate programs and actively encourages students to research and promote those principles.