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Certification and Licensure

JIU offers programs that are acceptable for educator or educational administrator certification in most states.

Eligibility for initial educator certification in your state of residence is based on completion of a state approved educator preparation program. JIU’s programs are approved in Colorado. Even though you may be residing in a state other than Colorado while in your program, your application for educator certification in your state of residence will be processed as an out-of-state application. Go to more information. Teachers are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for teacher advancement.

JIU performs a periodic review of these state licensure requirements no more frequently than annually. Because all state licensure requirements are subject to change at any time, it is imperative that the student regularly determines the requirements for the state in which s/he intend to seek licensure, including any state where the student may relocate or intends to relocate. To aid our students with their responsibility to determine these state requirements, JIU provides information on educator licensing and certification in all states; please click here.