How to Become a JIU Student

These five easy, step-by-step instructions make applying to JIU a snap. Becoming a JIU student is easier than you think:

  • Review JIU's degree programs—which specialization aligns with your interests and will further your career goals? If you need guidance, please contact our Admissions Office at 800.811-5663 in the U.S. or 303-784-8904 outside the U.S.
  • Review the tuition and fees associated with the courses or degree program you're considering, as well as payment options and sources of financial aid.
  • It doesn't require advanced technology for you to study at JIU, but it would be a good idea to review JIU's technology requirements to make sure your computer is equipped appropriately. Our tech support staff is available round-the-clock for you.
  • Check the Admission Requirements to determine whether you are eligible to be admitted to a JIU degree program.
  • Now it's time to apply for admission to an undergraduate or graduate program. Please note that you may be eligible for Credit by Exam and/or Credit for Prior Learning.