Measure Your Progress: Student Success Data

Do more with what you learn – showcase your success

JIU provides you the opportunity to showcase and prove the success you have in the classroom.  We realize the importance of receiving more than just a grade in a given course and we’ve intentionally designed a tool to make that possible.  In today’s economy, it is vital that you have the ability to differentiate yourself and have a means to display your exceptional skills.  The JIU Student Success Data helps you to do both.

In our pursuit to provide you with the very best in online education, each of your course projects will be assessed by your faculty member, in a way that gives you more useful and in depth information than a basic letter grade.  Importantly, you will receive assessment scores in 19 real-world, workplace competencies as identified and defined by professional and educational organizations to be valued in the business place.

How will JIU Student Success Data add value to my degree?

  • The report is aligned to best practices as described by multiple professional and educational organizations, thus ensuring that you will develop real-world skills valued by practicing professionals.  You will be prepared for life-long professional success.
  • You will have the ability to track progress in specific competencies across your entire degree.  You will know what skill areas present opportunities for growth, thus preparing you to be effective and efficient as a professional – ready to create value for your employer. 
  • At graduation, you will be one step ahead of the competition with more than just a degree – you will have a complete package that truly displays your hard work, dedication and performance.

In each course, you are given more than just a letter grade.  Your ability to meet course objectives on a basic, developing, proficient or advanced scale, along with your performance in 19 unique workplace competency areas, will be assessed in each class.  Your resulting Student Success Data will give you a more well-rounded view of what you have learned in your class – identifying areas you have excelled in and areas that might need additional attention.

At JIU, you will have yet another way to set yourself apart from the competition and highlight your abilities and specific skill sets.  We believe that your hard work is deserving of the appropriate showcase. 

Here is an example of the Student Success Data for a student’s individual course.

Student Success data screenshot

You can also compare your performance in course objectives and in workplace competencies against others in classes at JIU.  See how you compare to your peers.  Below is an example of this portion of the Student Success Data.

Student Success data screenshot