Non-degree Seeking Students Admission Requirements

Acceptance into JIU is required whether you are in a degree program, earning certification or taking individual courses. The application process is simple and easy, even for those who just want to take courses for their personal enjoyment or professional development.

A  student may choose to enroll into an individual course(s) program as a non-degree seeking student.  Such a student is allowed to take a maximum of ten courses at the undergraduate level or three at the masters level.  If, after this point, a student wishes to continue taking courses, s/he must enroll into a certificate or degree program.  A student may not take MEd K-12 or doctoral courses in the individual course program.  Financial aid is not available to these students. If a student has not taken a class in 12 months, the student will be moved to a complete status. If s/he wishes to resume classes after that point, s/he will need to reapply to JIU.

For more information, please call JIU's Admissions Office at 800.811.5663 in the U.S. or +1.303.784.8904 outside the U.S.