Air University Associate Baccalaureate Cooperative

Air University Associate Baccalaureate Cooperative LogoThe choice to pursue your degree is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, and at Jones International University (JIU®) we are serious about empowering you to accomplish your goals and achieve the career you envision.  JIU is a regionally accredited, online university and we are proud to be an AU-ABC Category I provider. As a Category I approved university, JIU aligns bachelor degree programs with Air Force specialty codes so CCAF graduates can obtain their bachelors degree by completing no more than an additional 60 credit hours.

As a member of the Air Force, you are eligible for a host of benefits that make earning a degree from JIU simple and affordable.  We offer Airmen:

  • Reduced undergraduate tuition—$250 per credit hour or $750 per 3 credit hour course.
  • No fees —All application and academic fees are waived for JIU military students.
  • Free Books - All textbooks, ebooks and any other required reading materials are covered for undergraduate military students through our military book program.

Please visit our military tuition page to review program tuition costs.

JIU offers five approved degree programs through AU-ABC which include:

Bachelor of Business Administration – Generalist

Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance

Bachelor of Business Administration – Health Care Management

Bachelor of Business Administration – Technology Services Management

Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication – Communication Management

Academic Calendar

JIU's Academic Calendar is continuous for all degrees and offers convenient monthly start dates. Students typically take one to two courses every eight week term and move to the next course in the program sequence without a break.

Student Support

JIU is also noted for its exceptional student experience. At the heart of JIU’s mission are the people who ensure you get the most value out of your education and shape the career you envision for yourself. We understand the demands of life in the military: a hectic training schedule, high operations tempo, deployments, family; all the things that give work/life balance a different meaning for those who serve our nation. That’s why every student at JIU receives unparalleled support from the day they are accepted to graduation and beyond.

Once you have been admitted to JIU you will be assigned a Student Solutions Advisor (SSA), your personal guide through every facet of your entire education experience. Together, you'll create a degree program and course of study that is manageable and achievable. Your SSA will be with you every step of the way helping set you up for success.

As a JIU student and graduate, you will also have the opportunity to participate in our Total Professional Advantage® program, which enhances your academic experience with a host of career-building tools and exercises. You will emerge from your program confident and fully prepared to keep your life moving forward.

Whether you hope to climb the ranks or climb the ladder in a civilian career, let our experience, personal attention and commitment to helping you succeed get you to where you want to go.

Inspire Others. Change Lives. Challenge Yourself.