As an adult, should you head back to school too?

Posted on: August 20, 2013

Fall is just around the corner and children are heading back to school.  As an adult, you may be considering whether or not you should enroll in classes again too.  There are many reasons to continue your education as an adult – furthering your career, changing your career, or improving your employability when you rejoin the workforce.  If advancing your education seems like a compelling option, consider these tips.

1. Discuss the opportunity with your friends and family.

Heading back to school requires a large time commitment.  It is important to set expectations with the people who are important to you as their lives will also be impacted by your decision to return to school.  These same people will also be a critical support network so it is important to have them onboard.

2.Plan your schedule

The beauty of online learning is that you can fit your classes and coursework into your existing schedule. If you plan to work part or fulltime while you are in school, schedule time frames during the week that you will devote to your classes and studies.  Make sure you have the time to devote to courses before you sign up.  If you are working 80 hours a week and also have significant family commitments, you may want to postpone your return to school.

3.Understand that your degree is a long-term investment.

You most likely won’t see a salary raise on the first day you start classes.  And you may not get that promotion or dream job until after you have graduated.  But eventually the investment of time and money will yield results in your career.


Returning to school is a great opportunity to expand your horizons.  You’ll have the chance to work with professors and fellow students on interesting projects, learn to view your industry in a new light, and expand your skill sets.  You may even discover new talents or acumen for a part of your job you never knew you had.  Enjoy the opportunity to learn and grow. 

And remember, if you are still unsure if you should head back to school, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options and see if continuing education is the right choice for you.