Beware of Malware!

Posted on: March 26, 2013

Beware of what? Malware! Malware is the computer geeks’ term for “malicious software." A sneaky little bug, Malware includes viruses and spyware that get installed on your computer or mobile device without your consent. These programs can cause your device to crash and can be used to monitor and control your online activity. You may not even know that Malware has hacked your system. Are you getting strange pop-ups or ads when you login to the JIU forum? Are you seeing ads on Wikipedia? Has your Facebook page ever posted content that you did not create? You might have a Malware problem!

For example, JIU’s forum is private; you should never see pop-ups when you are completing your coursework. And Wikipedia does not contain advertisements. EVER. So if you see a Wikipedia ad, something is wrong. Remember that “shocking cat attack” video you watched on Facebook last month? It may have linked you to a virus which then wreaked havoc on your Facebook page. YIKES! These viruses can download your personal information and access your passwords; it is very important to protect yourself and your computer! What do you do if you think you’ve been attacked? Here are several links and videos which will help you clean out the bugs!

In general, be wary of links and videos posted from unknown sources.  And if you see any fishy activity on your favorite websites, it may be time to clean up your system!  Be aware of Malware!