Celebrate Graduation Day!

Posted on: June 27, 2014

Happy Graduation Day, JIU! Online viewing is of the 2014 Commencement Ceremony is available starting today, Friday, June 27 at JIU Graduation Website.  This year’s ceremony features a message from University Chancellor, Dr. Milton Goldberg; a keynote address from Dr. Mark David Milliron, co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of Civitas Learning, former President of Western Governors University and Deputy Director of Postsecondary Education at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; a speech by JIU Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Lisa R. Braverman; and a degree confirmation and presentation by the Deans of the School of Education and the School of Business. Don’t miss the video montage segment, which features messages from JIU graduates, faculty and staff.


The CAO and Deans Congratulate the Class of 2014!

Chief Academic Officer Lisa R. Braverman and Deans William Loendorf and Errin Heyman of the Schools of Business and Education, respectively, would like to personally congratulate all of our graduates on their success and achievement this year.  It has been our pleasure to have you in our classes and we hope that we send you off ready to advance your careers and to be a contributing member of society.  Please stay in touch!  Congratulations on a job well done!


JIU Graduates: In Their Own Words

In celebration of our upcoming 2014 Online Commencement Ceremony, we’d like to share a few words and sentiments from a few of our 2014 graduates. These graduates share their thoughts on how JIU has impacted their lives and also give thanks to those who have supported them along the way. To read more, view the graduates’ profiles featured on the Yearbook located on the JIU Graduation Website. Congratulations to the JIU Graduating Class of 2014!


Pepper Brydon MEd in e-Learning Technology and Design

Thank you to my beloved family and daughter, to all the wonderful teachers who helped me excel, without whose support, this endeavor would not have been as eye-opening and pleasurable! You know who you are and you rock!


Diana Gautam, MEd in Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Teacher Licensure

The outstanding team at JIU (especially the professors who imparted their knowledge, enthusiasm and support, and my student support team) has made my JIU experience outstanding. I have already procured a job in Education and feel that this is due in large part for the quality of education I received at JIU. I would highly recommend JIU as a venue for education.


Erik Shefsky, Doctorate of Education in Adult Education

This was the most difficult, and in the end, the most rewarding educational effort of my life. I am extremely proud of my dissertation manuscript and the research results that were discovered towards online student graduate level retention and participation. It is always difficult to be the first in anything, but it is also most rewarding. Completing my doctorate degree stands hand and hand with being a Cherokee Lakota Sun Dancer and pipe carrier. That is about as high as one like myself can rise to within the Native American community as a warrior for peace. This degree further empowers me to fulfill my potentials serving all peoples, at a new level. One I could only dream of years ago. I hope and pray that my example of what is possible in this new online world of education, will inspire others, particularly in my family and tribe, to dream well and will help to move us all forward in unity and love.


Carolyn Wilson, Doctorate in Business Administration

To my fellow members of the JIU class of 2013! We Made It! The time has come to redirect the doctoral journey forward into the next chapter of our academic, professional, and personal lives. In a life full of choices and paths, together we have taken a very long and challenging journey. Yet, we have accomplished a significant milestone. As you pursue new careers and positions as leaders in the world, I encourage you to always exercise skillful and godly wisdom, constantly walk in Truth, and exemplify integrity. Congratulations and Best Wishes!


Dawn Henry, MBA – Accounting

As our time here at JIU comes to a close I would like to say that it has been exciting, it has truly been an adventure for me. If I can give any advice to my fellow classmate it would be to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and NEVER LET OTHERS PUT A BLANKET OVER THE FIRE THAT BURNS IN YOUR HEART AND SOUL. Best of luck to all of you as you begin the next adventure whatever it may be. I hope to read all the details on the JIU alumni webpage.


Antonio Ramirez, BBA – Generalist

Today marks an end to one journey only to begin a new one. Some of us will take our education and stride to set a mark in the world. Some of us will continue our education and set a new foundation in our current careers with our commitment to further our knowledge and create future opportunities. Whatever your path is, I would like to wish you all the best.