Class of 2013, Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

Posted on: May 22, 2013

This past Friday, May 17, we welcomed our Doctoral Candidates for the class of 2013 to Denver, Colorado for the official Investiture of Hoods.  We are so proud of these students and their great achievements.  Countless hours of studying, writing papers, and coursework have culminated in this class earning their terminal degree and Doctoral status.   Congratulations to all on this designation!

The Hooding Ceremony was held at the Hyatt Regency here in Denver Colorado.  Graduates gathered with friends, family, professors and University leadership for the ceremony.  Dr. Toni Hull, a JIU graduate herself, gave the commencement address.  Two graduates were also awarded recognition for outstanding dissertations.  The 2013 recipients of these awards are Dr. Terri Lewis – for the dissertation Downsizing: Understanding Its Lasting Effect on the Downsized; and Dr. Christopher Jelderks, for his dissertation entitled Digital Writing for a Digital Age.  Congratulations to both Dr. Lewis and Dr. Jelderks on this award.  Following the ceremony, graduates and guests gathered for the traditional “Champagne and Strawberries” toast, while founder Glenn Jones made congratulatory remarks.  Celebrations continued with a formal dinner as the sun set over the Colorado mountains.  It was a glorious evening and wonderful celebration of scholarly achievement. 

In closing, we’d like to share a special poem that was read during the ceremony.  Dr. Jelderks, recipient of the outstanding dissertation award, wrote the following poem at the end of his first doctoral course.  His mentor, Dr, Maria Sanchez Patino, kept the poem, and read it during the ceremony:

Dr. Christopher J. Jelderks--oh, that sounds so sweet, so nice.

But, 20+ hour of work per week really puts my life on ice.

"This is JIU, EDU,"

"I'm a new student too!"

"How are you?"

Feeling blue

Sad but true,

Headaches too

Early morning zoo

Shouts of victory

Learning to fly

Nothing can stop us, we've made up our minds:

Et al. (2013) Can't you read between the lines?

  • It'slike      lifting weights--don't you feel great?
  • It's      meeting new friends--won't you let me in?
  • It's      like going on a date--you'd better not be late!
  • It's      stretching yourself to the max--there is no time to be lax.

Citing all the time, not telling any lies,

For, hath many spies!

Didn't do any crime,

I've borrowed every dime.

At 12MST, we'll all be out of TIME.

This is the end of the beginning,

Of a journey foretold,

By Maria Patino--

The leader of our fold.