Cybercrime...a real and present threat

Posted on: January 31, 2013

Cybercrime is a very real threat.  It can take the form of information theft from your mobile phone, hacking into corporate or government secure websites, and even infiltration into our municipal infrastructures such as urban power grids.  

It is imperative that we train tomorrow’s workforce to deal with this problem.  For example, today’s news headlines (January 17) recount that Israeli hackers claim to have launched an attack on the stock market web sites in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.  This hack temporarily shut down the websites for the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al, the Israeli national airline.  An ominous note from the hackers stated: “If the lame attacks from Saudi Arabia will continue, we will move to the next level which will disable these sites longer term [and] may come to weeks or even months. You have been warned.”  M ore info here:

And closer to home, Zappos reported that their website and customer database was hacked, spilling the information for 24 million past and present customers.  Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh stated: “We’ve spend over 12 years building our reputation, brand, and trust with our customers, it’s painful to see us take so many steps back due to a single incident. I suppose the one saving grace is that the database that stores our customers’ critical credit card and other payment data was not affected or accessed.” Read more here:

Finally, the following video clip discusses a frightening and real computer virus and its ability to wreak havoc on urban infrastructure, including nuclear power plants.  Check out the Stuxnet Video here:

With so many real and frequently occurring cybercrimes, it is imperative to train our workforce to effectively fight cybercrime for American companies, large and small.  For this reason, JIU put together the MBA specialization in information security.  Check out the program’s information site and see if this career path is right for you.  Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is probably wishing he had a more robust team of information security professionals…