Going Back to Work!

Posted on: April 08, 2013

Are you heading back to work?  Great!  Has it been a few years since you were a part of the workforce?  You may feel a bit rusty.  Where do you even start?  Here are a few tips for those of you who are heading back to work.

  1. What’s your story?  Prospective employees will most likely ask about a large gap in your resume.  Answer truthfully!  There is no need to be ashamed of taking time off to focus on your family, travel, or further your education.  When these employers ask why you are heading back to work, do not mention the financial reasons – even if they are the main driver!  Talk about previous jobs that you miss.  For example, do you miss the challenge of a fast-paced office?  Do you love problem solving?  Balancing the books?  Helping your company become more efficient?  Mention these items as your driving factor for heading back to the office.
  2. Update your resume!  Make sure you add in any accomplishments, education updates or experiences before you submit your resume.  Include key words for the industries and jobs you plan to apply to.  Once you have filled in any gaps, have a friend proofread for any typos or grammatical errors.  Then upload to online job search sites!
  3. Network, Network, Network!  Let your former coworkers know that you are looking for a job.  Meet your old boss for coffee and get updates on the industry.  Attend social gatherings for applicable professional groups.  LinkedIn and other social media sites often have networking groups and job postings – get yourself out there!
  4. Don’t give up!  The job search can often be a long and tedious process.  You’ll likely want to give up at some point.  Don’t!  Your job is out there; your unique set of skills will be the perfect match for someone.  Keep looking!  And while you wait to find your dream job, don’t be shy about contract, freelance, or part time positions.  The more experience you gain and the more people you meet, the more likely you’ll be to find that dream job.

Good luck!  And don’t forget, the JIU Career Services Department is here to help!  Give us a ring for resume help, job postings, and general advice.