An Introduction to the JIU MBA specialization in Cyber Security

Posted on: January 31, 2013

According to Fred Mitchell (2011), Symantec Division Manager for Drive Control Corporation:

“In an increasingly connected and virtual world the likelihood of individuals falling victim to a wide range of malicious cyber activities increases. To avoid becoming one of these statistics it is important to have sophisticated security software coupled with a sharp awareness of the nature of the threats. The reality is that cybercrime will only continue to grow, as it has high profitability coupled with low prosecution rates, making it an attractive method for those with unscrupulous intent.”  (

At Jones International University we designed our Cyber Security specialization program with IT professionals in mind. The six Cyber Security courses in our MBA specialization are designed to provide realistic recommendations for improving the information security of an organization.  In addition to providing background on the growing need for and issues associated with information security, these courses will help students develop practical information security programs that include the people, process and technology components essential to any effective management program. Our courses also provide students with practical experience in risk assessment and management, business continuity planning, and incident response from an information security management perspective. We take our students into the world of Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing as well as addressing current and emerging trends including security for cloud computing, wireless technology and devices and Advanced Persistent threats.

This specialization incorporates the ten domains from the CISSP certification and the CISM program areas.  If you have a keen interest in information security yet need a comprehensive MBA program to hone your leadership and business management skills, this degree program is for you.

Here are a few more interesting facts that demonstrate the importance of and need for well-trained information security professionals in today's job market.

According to John Jorgensen (2012), CEO of the Sylint Group (

  • Theft of trade secrets has increased by 100% annually for the last two years.
  • 80% of all Cyber Crime is perpetrated from within the victim company.
  • Only 4% of Cyber Attacks and Incidents are reported to Senior Management.
  • 78% of Trojans and Worms since 2003 are designed to steal personal and company information.
  • Publicly traded companies that have suffered cyber crime loose 5% of their stock value within the first 60 days after the public announcement.
  • 70% of all laptops stolen are stolen for their information value, not their physical value.
  • 68% of wireless networks are unprotected, to include personal, businesses and hotels.
  • Identity Theft only accounts for less than 20% of all Cyber Crime.
  • 80% of companies polled by FBI reported significant financial losses due to security breaches.
  • Only 7% of Cyber Crime was prosecuted in 2004.
  • Cyber Crime accounted for between $42 Billion to $400 Billion in losses for 2005 in the US. Even an approximate figure is unknown because Cyber Crime is not reported due to its ill effects on business operations.
  • Law enforcement cannot protect you from Cyber Crime

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-Danette Lance, PhD

Academic Chair, School of Business, Jones International University