JIU 2012 Graduate Profile

Posted on: January 31, 2013

A Degree Over A Decade In The Making.

Through the course of his life, Michael Ozorowsky has added a number of titles to his name—father, husband, son, soldier, and professional. Now, he has garnered yet another…JIU graduate.

In 1998, while still in high school, Michael began taking college courses. But, as life would have it, things didn’t go according to plan. A heavy sense of patriotism and a chance meeting with a recruiter led Michael to enlist in the Army, leaving his degree on the shelf.

During his enlistment, Michael was forced to deal with hardship on the home front—a painful divorce along with the passing of both of his parents. The one bright spot was the birth of his first child.

In 2009, Michael remarried, and the direction of his life began to take a more defined path. Through his wife’s encouragement, and the desire to do something that would honor the memory of his parents, Michael enrolled at JIU with the goal of earning the degree that he put on hold over a decade earlier. In Michael’s words, “JIU’s online platform afforded me the opportunity to pursue my degree while holding a full-time job and being a father to my family.”

Michael’s educational journey continues today, his story a reminder that, with the right inspiration and motivation, nothing is out of reach. Check out his graduation video by clicking here.

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