JIU Celebrates Memorial Day

Posted on: January 31, 2013

In 1983, Jones International University founder Glenn Jones was in Washington, D.C. paying his respects at the Vietnam Memorial site.   As a former Navy EOD officer, Glenn has great respect for and identification with men and women in uniform.  As he stood looking at the black gabbro walls with the etchings of all of the names of those who bravely gave their lives, he had the inspiration to do something to help all service members.  At the time, advanced education options for service members and their families were limited and difficult to complete, given the number of times someone in the military must relocate.  It was at that very moment he decided that he would create a place of learning for these deserving heroes and everyone else that needed a better option than the standard brick-and-mortar university.   It was that day he decided to start Jones International University.   At that time, the idea to provide education 100% online was unheard of and revolutionary, but Glenn knew that the best way for a service member to truly excel in acquiring their education would be via an online format. He left the memorial site driven to create the very first fully accredited 100% online university.  

 Fast forward 29 years and Jones International University is still one of the top ranked military friendly universities worldwide.  Today JIU has military students around the world on over 120 commands, including Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan. All thanks to the inspiration Glenn felt as he stood in front of the Vietnam Memorial.   On this Memorial Day weekend please remember to take pause to commemorate those who have served and those serving now.  Try to find your own way to help support our service members, just as Glenn has since he first conceived the idea for JIU back in 1986.