JIU Faculty Showcase!

Posted on: January 31, 2013

Faculty members at JIU are appropriately credentialed and qualified.  All faculty members hold a degree one level higher than they teach and more than 80% hold terminal degrees in their field.  They are involved in the academic community through writings, publications and/or presentations but, more importantly, they are committed to the success of our students and to the JIU mission.

So who are these faculty members?  There are over 95 of them on staff.    We asked our JIU Facebook fans if they had a favorite and boy did we get an overwhelmingly positive response!  JIU students, you wrote the testimonies, we don’t even need to toot our own horn. 

So who did you love?  We’ll profile a few of your favorite professors on our blog this month.  Though sadly we don’t have room to write about them all, here are a few of your favorite professors in profile.

  • Dr. Geoff Hungerford
    School of Business Faculty Member
    PhD, Royal School of Mines, University of London
  • M.Phil, Royal School of Mines, University of London
  • MBA, University of Colorado, Denver
  • BS, University of Colorado, Boulder

Dr. Geoff Hungerford is a career engineer, working in new product development for over 30 years across two continents. Currently, Dr. Hungerford is a Systems Developer of Network Storage Appliances at Hewlett Packard. He also has been teaching undergraduate physics at Jones International University since early 2010.

Dr. Hungerford was awarded 3 U.S. patents, eventually granted in both Europe and Japan, for advancements made in magnetic recording head technology used for digital storage. In the early part of his career, he worked as a process engineer in silicon foundries and magnetic recording head fabrication plants, specializing in computer aided process control and simulation. Recently, he has focused on the platform software that constitutes the underpinning of enterprise class storage servers.

Here are 5 Fun Facts about Dr. Hungerford:

  1. I have two very clever sons, neither having any interest whatsoever in science or technology, unless it helps them meet members of the opposite sex or applies to snowboarding.
  2. I have three patents in my name, issued in Europe, Japan and the U.S., regarding magnetic recording head technology. So, if your hard drive crashes and you lose all your data, you’ll know whom to blame.
  3. I travel all ove,r playing competitive Disc Golf. This is my 2nd year as a recognized PDGA Touring Pro.
  4. I actually study physics as a hobby, which leads to a passionate interest in metaphysics. This would explain why I’m not married.
  5. I was adopted and have no clue about my physical parentage. My mom says there is a remote possibility I may not be of earthly origin, but she usually changes her mind when I call once a week and keep my room clean.

The JIU family thanks Dr. Hungerford for his great work and support of our students!