JIU Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Craig Jonas

Posted on: January 31, 2013

This week we continue to highlight some of our student’s favorite faculty members.  Meet Dr. Craig Jonas!

Dr. Jonas has been an innovative business leader since he helped launch his first entrepreneurial effort in 1995. He has also taught and coached at diverse educational institutions, including high school, a small college, large university, and online. He has authored articles on technology and coaching in the digital age. Additionally, he has been the featured speaker at national and international media and technology forums.  

In addition to teaching, Jonas divides his time between consulting through the Jonas Group LLC firm, Basketball Travelers Inc. and Zu Media Group LLC (blend of web development and video production with a marketing emphasis based in Denver). His Jonas Group clients have included PE4life (a national advocate for physical education in schools), Inside Edge (a leading baseball scouting service), and The World University Games (the largest international athletic competition outside the Olympics). His recent career highlights include securing national broadcast television and sponsoring advertising relationships for the Paradise Jam, a Basketball Travelers tournament, and significant national sponsorship funding for PE4life.

Previously, he served as Vice President for Business Development for the broadcast media technology firm, Sportvision, best known for inventing the virtual yellow line in NFL broadcasts and NASCAR enhancements.  Prior to Sportvision, Jonas served as Executive Vice President for Coach's Edge and helped initiate a $100M+ merger with Sportvision.  With both Sportvision and Coach's Edge, he established extensive media relationships and secured sponsorship deals with industry leaders such as CBS Sports, ESPN, Yahoo!, AOL, EA Sports, Sega, Compaq, USA Today, Sportsline, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and others.