JIU Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kathy Kelly

Posted on: January 31, 2013

Dr. Kathy Kelly, President of K2 Consulting, is an educational psychologist, published author and international public speaker with 20+ years of experience in corporate and academic organizations.

Prior to starting her own company, Dr. Kelly held executive positions with Saba and Arthur Andersen, and was Associate Professor and Mathematics Education Program Chair at the Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Kelly was the 2005 recipient of the JIU Faculty Excellence Award. She has also received a Woman Leader Of Excellence Award from the Colorado Women’s Leadership Coalition, Florida Tech’s Leadership Award and the Florida Tech Faculty Excellence Award For Research.

“I have had several careers so far and anticipate others yet to come. I first was a middle- and high-school math teacher, then started a test-preparation coaching business (and wrote a book to help girls perform better on the SAT). From there I became a professor, teaching and advising master’s and doctoral students, conducting funded research, and writing books and articles.

Next my adventures took me to executive positions in international corporate and dot.com organizations. Working as consultant and leader, I found new ways to help people maximize and value their knowledge. And I got to explore the magic of virtual classrooms.

Now I teach and travel, travel and learn. There is more balance to my life now but no less passion for transforming education. I go wherever there are new lessons, new opportunities or new adventures. And I find joy in the beauty of every moment’s teachings!”

5 fun facts about Kathy Kelly, PhD

  1. Kathy spent the past five years living as a nomad, carrying all of her worldly possessions in the trunk of her Subaru. During that time she crisscrossed the US several times and drove more than 70,000 miles – solo! Kelly has visited all states except North Dakota and Alaska! 
  2. During her nomad days she also spent time (without her car) in 13 different countries. Her favorite sojourns were a transatlantic cruise to Barcelona and a three month stay in the South of France.
  3. Kathy’s favorite activity is dancing. She especially likes urban/hustle/R&B line dancing and knows at least 40 different dances. Odyssey and 71 Strut are two of her current favorites.
  4. Her favorite movie is Auntie Mame. It contains one of her favorite quotes “Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”
  5. Kathy has been close enough to a gray whale to smell its breath (in Depoe Bay, OR).