JIU Graduate, Dr. Terri Lewis, is published in Journal of Business and Technology

Posted on: December 17, 2013

Our graduates are always impressing us with their academic work and achievements while they are at JIU and after they graduate.  Dr. Terri Lewis is one such example.  Dr. Lewis graduated from JIU with a Doctorate in Business Administration in 2013.  Just recently, Dr. Lewis was published in the Journal of Business and Technology.  Her article “Downsizing: Understanding its lasting effect of the Downsized” is based on her dissertation research at JIU and is co-written by Michael McGivern, PhD.


Dr. Lewis’ article and research study the economic situation in the U.S. in the past decade and how it has resulted in a new demographic of employee that represents the individuals who have experienced downsizing and are subsequently “reentering” the workforce.  Her research utilized an exploratory quantitative methodology that incorporated a Likert-style survey design to examine the perception of the downsized individual pre-, during, and post-downsizing. Specifically, the study tested whether these individuals perceived downsizing as having a positive impact on their lives, a negative reflection on their job performance, and/or whether it would influence their ability to trust their current employer.

To read Dr. Lewis’ full article, visit the current issue of the Journal of Business and Technology:  http://www.excelsior.edu/static/journals/business-and-technology/1-1/files/52.html


Congratulations Dr. Lewis, we wish you all the best in your continued research on this topic.