JIU SoE and SoB – More similar than you might think!

Posted on: July 30, 2013

We recently came across an interesting article that compares teachers to entrepreneurs.  What could teachers and entrepreneurs possibly have in common?  Well, quite a bit it turns out.  Teach for America’s Nihal ElRayess explains in her EdSurge post, “What It Takes to Be a Teacherpreneur,” (4 October 2012),  that entrepreneurs have six main characteristics that also describe educators. They are:

1. Visionary

2. Passionate

3. Creative

4. Empathetic

5. Persistent

6. Fundraiser

We couldn’t agree more.  In fact, we think these words describe most JIU students, whether they attend the School of Business or School of Education.  In order to succeed as an online learner, one must possess each of the qualities listed above.  One must be a visionary; understanding the value of their future degree and creating their own learning environment with just a computer screen.  One must have passion for the future, a career, or specific interest in order to dedicate the time and money required to go to school.  Creativity and empathy are a must in any learning environment.  We all grow and learn from our compatriots’ experiences and must be able to turn basic concepts into a world of ideas.  Persistence is the key to most of life’s successes, but with education it is especially important as the road to a degree is often challenging.  And finally, well, an online education isn’t free…

Whether you are enrolled in the School of Education or School of Business, you possess the qualities listed above and have the foundation to succeed in many paths in life.  So follow your passions; you have what it takes!