JIU Student Profile - Butterfly White

Posted on: July 17, 2013

This week we are excited to profile another one of our amazing students, Butterfly White.  Butterfly is a writer and hopes to become a self-published author as well as run her own publishing house – Write and Take Flight.  She enrolled in JIU to better understand the business aspects of self-publishing, in her own words, here is her story!

“When I reached a point in my professional career when I realized I did not have enough information to successfully operate my businesses I decided to go back to school. Mr. Cox, formerly one of the presidents of JIU attended service at my church and briefly spoke about JIU. I was intrigued as the thought of attending an online institution appealed to me because of my busy schedule. After service I spoke to a recruiter. I went home got online and applied. Shortly after I was contacted by Jesse Struble my admissions counselor and the rest is history.

Jesse answered every question and continues to assist me in a myriad of ways. He informed me that JIU is fully accredited as I had questions about accreditation and transferring credits. Regional accreditation is the highest form of accreditation a university can hold. Jones International University holds this and is the first on-line institution to achieve the honor. This solidified my decision to attend. Jesse who had been with JIU exactly one year on the day of my interview has a degree in Kinesiology said, “Even though degrees in publishing are rare, on the broader perspective of earning a degree in business is of benefit to me because it is overall the most marketable degree one can have. It touches a broad number of areas that it is applicable to.” He continued, “The backbone of every industry is business and your degree will give you the option to mold and structure a career around the specialty of publishing.”

He expressed that I will gain general knowledge to understand every aspect of the communicative, technical and financial processes involved in business operations. He continued to discuss the technical aspects of a business degree like accounting and stressed my Master’s of Business Communications specializing in Entrepreneurship will allow me to utilize my creativity while earning an income doing what I love. I explained that although his degree specialty is physical movement, he was instrumental in moving me from a place of fear to being brave enough to take on the task of earning my MABC and enrolling.

Publishing specifically is a specialized genre and I learned I don’t have to have a publishing degree to publish a book. I have to be strong in grammar, editing and write interesting pieces but my degree in business teaches me how to utilize my skills to develop the basis for operating my own publishing company. Regardless of what I do in the business world, everything comes down to competent communicative skills and interacting with others.

Student Solutions Advisor Tamara Mohamed who has been on staff at JIU nearly 3 years and is currently working on a Masters of Education at Jones that the major return on investment for my earning my degree is “An investment in self.” She continued, “Butterfly, no one can take away your education and the value is lifelong as earning your degree is never a negative and will always be of benefit.” She finished by saying the sacrifice of time, energy and money are serious and can be difficult. Investing in me by earning my degree is a definite testament to my personal fortitude and ability to set, commit to and accomplish goals. Tamara holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently working on a masters of education with the specialty in adult education MAE at JIU.

Information about why earning a degree is of benefit to anyone can be found on the JIU website. The main reasons are; more jobs that formerly only required high school diplomas now require college degrees, college graduates earn significantly more than those without them, (Jones International University 2013).

The benefits of earning my degree from JIU are both personal and professional. I personally seek to satisfy personal academic goals while setting an example for others especially my children. I desire to earn my degree while my grandmother is alive and well. Professionally, I have reached a point in my professional life where I realize in order for me to reach my career goals as an entrepreneur, it is necessary that I obtain specialized skills in the fields of business and publishing. I am not ashamed to say I seek membership into the population of collegiate minds with upper level degrees. I may sound overly ambitious, but would love to one day be known as Dr. Butterfly White.

 With the successful completion of each course, I grow less weary and more confident in achieving my goal of self-publishing. The skills I am acquiring will be critical to my overall success publishing not just my own literary works, but the works of those who utilize the services of my publishing company, Write and Take Flight.”

Best of luck Butterfly, we wish you success in your future endeavors as an author and publisher!