Job Search Tips for 2014

Posted on: July 16, 2014

The job market is constantly evolving and with it the process that companies use to select candidates for available positions.  If you’ve recently started looking for a job, chances are the rules have changed since your last job search.  Whether your career is in business or education, here are a few universal tips that will help you stand out amongst your competition.


  1. Tailor each your resume and cover letter to each open position.  Depending on the job and the company, certain of your skill sets may be more appealing to the respective hiring manager.  Though it will require a bit of extra work to complete each application, make sure you tailor your resume and cover letter to fit the requirements of the respective position.


  2. Update your social media pages.  Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and includes a professional-grade photo.  Many recruiters utilize this platform to search for potential candidates.  A LinkedIn profile without a photo signals to recruiters that either you are not very active on the site or are out of date with your social media skills.  Further, be sure to clean up your other social media accounts and delete any photos that would not be considered “office appropriate.” 


  3. Be prepared for a video interview.  A recent Forbes article stated that six out of ten recruiters and hiring managers will utilize video interviews in their selection process.  Be prepared for video interviews and make strong eye contact with the interviewer. Video is a great way to show off your interpersonal skills and let the prospective employer know that you are tech savvy.


Good luck JIU job seekers!  And remember, reach out to the Office of Student Affairs for additional support in your job search.  Visit for more information.