Learning is my Passion!

Posted on: January 31, 2013

This week we highlight another one of our impressive students.  It is stories like this one, from Rafael Vidal Portela, that inspire us to do what we do.  Our students are the driving force behind JIU.  We may not be able to move mountains or solve world hunger, but we love that we are able to change the lives of our students and we thank them for their daily inspiration.

Rafael G. Vidal Portela, MBA, Global Enterprise Management

My JIU Story

Learning has always been a passion that I truly treasure and in the pursuit of that desire JIU was presented as the best alternative to further expand the passion of higher learning.  I own my business since 2007 and global expansion was my goal but I well knew that desire would not guarantee success of such an idea.  I carefully analyzed all the opportunities available to see which met my standards for such an endeavor and JIU met and exceeded those expectations with quality, superior service, and truly devoting itself to prepare professionals for the knowledge economy.  The need for higher learning was truly from my heart, since, I was not looking for the opportunity of a better job offer, promotion, or salary increase the careful analysis to select the best institution was my priority.

 I started my journey of higher learning; JIU has turned this diamond in the rough into a gold standard professional capable of sustaining intelligent conversations with presidents of different countries from distinct corporations in the Fortune 500 world.  It has broaden my scope and has enabled, this humble professional, to undertake this daunting task of globalization with such empowerment and self-confidence that only the best can achieve.  They say that Knowledge is power, but knowing how and when to use it is more powerful.  The world is full of highly educated human ruins and talented professionals, but JIU has taught me well and has been the answer to that prayer and a blessing in my life.

I really hope that more people take education serious since, decisions made today are the results of tomorrow and we stand in a critical moment in time where we as the people of the world should unite and strive for a better future for generations to come.