Olympic Fever

Posted on: January 31, 2013

Olympic Fever is in the air.  You hear folks talking in buses and at the water-cooler about the latest feats of athleticism, great match-ups to come, and agonizing defeats.  The Olympics are powerful and captivating.  At JIU, we’ve come down with Olympic Fever too.  We’ve hosted our own “office Olympics” with such events as the “Desk Chair Relay Race” and a hula hoop competition.  We’ve even cheered on one of our JIU professor’s daughters – Caroline Lind, daughter of Dr. Lind - as she rowed her Women’s 8 Rowing Team to a gold medal.  GO USA!

So what can we take away from the Olympics?  Perseverance, hard work and a bit gritty determination can result in tremendous reward.  Even when you fall, you can still get up and finish the race.  Winning the gold medal might be the pinnacle achievement, but just being a part of the race is impressive in itself.  Your educational journey is similar to many ways to the Olympic experience.   You spend years working to achieve your goals.  Sometimes the studying, much like training, seems too much and you want to quit.  But once you arrive at your final few courses, you can taste the glory and feeling of achievement you will feel when you earn your degree.  Just as the Olympic athletes who enter the stadium for the first time know that all their hard work has paid off and that they are about to be a part of something great.  And let’s not forget, students and athletes alike make their moms proud!  The Olympics are so captivating because they inspire us to dream the impossible.  As students, as you go for your degree, remember that you too inspire others to achieve great things.  Your degree is your victory, and your JIU Family will be there to cheer you on to the finish!