Resume Tips from the JIU Career Services Pros

Posted on: March 07, 2013

Whether or not you are actively searching for a job, it is important to keep you resume updated and ready-to-go. Before you submit your resume to any job, make sure you follow these tips to ensure you put your best foot forward!

  1. Identify the position – what job are you applying for?
  2. Choose the format that best showcases your skills and accomplishments. The format may be chronological, functional, or a combination.
  3. Always write a heading. Be sure to include your contact info – name, address, phone, email. Make sure you use a professional email address – “”won’t get you the job! Photos are optional. If you include a photo, also make sure it is professional.
  4. State your Objective. The objective should be a short – maximum 2 sentence– statement stating your employment goals. Make sure your objective is relevant to the job you are seeking.
  5. Summary of Qualifications – Include 3-5 bullet points or paragraphs that describe your experience, qualifications and important achievements.
  6. Skills & Experience – Skills, experience and accomplishments can be listed as bullets or paragraphs. List most important and relevant info first and include a heading for each skill group.
  7. Work History - List positions with the most recently held job first. Make sure your work history is simple and easy to read. Note the employer, city, state, years on the job and title of your position held.
  8. Education and Training, sometimes known as Professional Development, this section is where you would include your degrees earned, major, minor, year obtained, school, city and state. You may also include professional development and certificate courses in this section. Only include your high school education if you have NOT earned a college degree.
  9. Additional Information – Add any additional skills, honors, awards, or a closing statement.

Before you submit, ALWAYS have a friend proofread the document. Never use colorful or patterned paper, and never exaggerate or lie about experience! Good luck in your job search!