Skills for the Modern Workforce

Posted on: March 07, 2013

What skills do you need to find success in the work place? Here are some must-haves for today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce and leaders. As you take your courses, keep these skill sets in mind and begin practicing! The more you experiment in the relative safety of the classroom, the more prepared you will be to join the job force.

  1. Leadership – As you go through your educational journey, practice being both a leader and a follower in your group projects to prepare you for your future in the work place. Many companies ask employees of all levels to participate in important decisions; you are never too inexperienced to be a leader.
  2. Team Work – another big trend among today’s businesses is encouraging collaboration among employees. Take courses that include group projects and collaborative exercises so you learn to prepare for round-table discussions and working in groups.
  3. Stay current – Tech companies are the wave of the future because of their constant innovations. Make sure you take courses that build on your tech skills and social media acumen so you stay on top of current trends. And learn to be innovative in your own work!
  4. Entrepreneurialism – practice taking risks and thinking outside the box in your classrooms. If you were running the business on your own, what would you do? Learn a variety of skill sets – everything from communication to finance. These are skills that entrepreneurs utilize every day.
  5. Analytical Thinking – learn to analyze what you are learning, and how you are completing your courses. Is there a better way to do the task at hand? Is the old-school method still the best?

These are just a few keys to success for today’s workplace. Good luck in your studies and your future job searches!