Student Profile: Wanda Underwood, Doctorate of Education in Adult Education

Posted on: November 15, 2013

Wanda Underwood is currently working towards her Doctorate of Education with a focus on Adult Education.  Born in Indiana and now a Coloradoan, Wanda is a true believer in life-long learning.  After achieving her MA a few years ago she wasn’t quite satisfied.  She’s always wanted the third stripe on her regalia, but the timing was never right until she found herself recuperating from spinal surgery.  After a serendipitous introduction to JIU Admission Counselor Emita Samuels, Wanda knew her Doctorate degree was within reach and she enrolled in JIU’s program.  

In addition, Wanda recently wrote and published her own book – “Murphy and Me."  Portraying a series of true anecdotes of the impact of Murphy's Law has had on her life, Wanda's book details her often funny, sometimes sad and always entertaining life story. She has encountered quite a few curve balls in her life and she’ll be the first person to tell you to “never ever give up.”  She’s had to pull herself back up on more than a few occasions, and as she says, “One must look one’s fear in the eyes, challenge it and don’t back down.  Roadblocks DO exist and life takes dramatic, sometimes completely unplanned turns, but roadblocks can be knocked out of the way.”  Her support system of friends have never let her down and helped her along the way.  Wanda doesn’t have time for negativity.  Negative energy “is counter-productive and not in the least bit fun.  It’s simply easier to laugh than and cry,” according to Wanda.  After completing her Doctorate, Wanda is hoping to combine her love of education and history and teach at the American Academy in Rome or the International University in Washington, DC.  With her never-give-up attitude, we think she’ll be able to achieve her goal! 

And for good measure, here are five fun facts about Wanda! 

  1. Wanda is a true History buff.  As she says, “You know the definition of a historian? It’s someone who keeps talking when everyone else has stopped listening.”
  2. Wanda is a sports fanatic and has a tremendous love for great music, theater and film.
  3. She’s as generous as she can afford to be at any given time and enjoys volunteer work and giving back to her wonderful city and its people.
  4. She’s been known for her total recall memory, but has noticed as she’s gotten older that her steel trap of a mind has turned into a bit of a sieve.
  5. A dearly beloved friend of hers says: “Life is great if you don’t weaken.” She whole heartedly agrees. 

From all of us at JIU, best of luck in your future endeavors Wanda!