Posted on: January 31, 2013

At JIU we are proud and honored to work with our faculty and staff, who are involved in the academic community through writings, publications and/or presentations but, more importantly, they are committed to the success of our students and to the JIU mission.  We truly believe that the core of the JIU experience is a partnership with our faculty andstaff who are committed to excellence, education and community for our students.

So who are these superstar faculty members?  There are over 95 of them on staff.    We asked our JIU Facebook fans if they had a favorite and boy did we get an overwhelmingly positive response!  JIU students, you wrote the testimonies, we don’t even need to toot our own horn. 

So who did you love?  We’ll profile a few of your professors on our blog this month.  Though sadly we don’t have room to write about them all, here are a few of your favorite professors in profile.

Dr. Caroline Howard:

JIU Student testimonial: 

  • “Professor Howard is tough but I love her!”
  • Dr. Howard is CEO of HC Consulting. She teaches, consults and publishes in the field of Information Systems. She is Chief Editor of the International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications (IGI Global).
  • Dr. Howard has been an Information Technology (IT) consultant and professor for almost 20 years, including five years as full-time faculty for Emory University's Goizueta Business School and four years on the faculty of University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
  • Caroline holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of California - Irvine where she received honors for her teaching and research.
  • As a consultant, she has headed a number of IT projects for both small and large businesses, including a multi-year project for MCI. Prior to earning her PhD, she headed information systems implementation projects for Toll Bros., Exxon Office Systems and the State of Delaware.  
  • In addition to numerous articles and conference publications, her books include the first and 2nd editions of the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning (IGI Global 2005 and 2009), Winning the Net Game: Becoming Profitable Now that the Web Rules have Changed (Entrepreneur Press, 2002), The Design and Management of Effective Distance Learning Programs (Idea-Group 2002) and Distance Learning and University Effectiveness: Changing Educational Paradigms for Online Learning (Information Science Publishing 2005). Her research interests include e-commerce, business intelligence, organizational change and systems development, information systems strategy and the impact of information technology in organizations.
  • Dr. Howard, thank you for your commitment to teaching excellence.