A time to give thanks…

Posted on: January 31, 2013

The Thanksgiving holiday represents a time to reflect and think back upon the year and life in general.  It is a time to ask ourselves – what are we thankful for?  As the faculty and staff of JIU we are thankful for many things, but mostly we are thankful for our students. 

Each year thousands of JIU students enroll in classes with our University.  These students represent curious minds, ambitious hearts, movers and shakers.  Our JIU students provide the University with an opportunity to share knowledge and to spread its power.  Our students manifest our hope that we are making a true difference in this world - that we are helping to spread education to those who may not have access to a traditional classroom, or campus, or time during daylight hours.  Our students show us that earning a degree can change the trajectory of a career and a family’s livelihood. We are thankful to our students for constantly providing a source of inspiration.  So many JIU grads have overcome great adversity in order to reach their goals and earn a degree.  Our students prove day after day that hard work and determination does pay off, and we are thankful for this reminder as we approach our own lives and own work.  We are also thankful for all the JIU students who use their degree and education to make a difference in the lives of others.  For all the community influencers, business leaders and teachers, we are thankful for your daily work in your communities. 

As we gather with family and friends on Thursday, we will remember all the members of the JIU faculty and staff who make the dream of education a reality, and all the students and graduates of JIU who remind us that this dream is worth pursuing.   Happy Thanksgiving JIU!