Turn Spring Fever into Spring Motivation!

Posted on: April 21, 2014

We all get a little spring fever this time of year.  The weather is suddenly beautiful and inviting; picnics and BBQ’s start to fill your calendar, and with your schedule starting to fill you may have little time to focus on your studies.  Losing focus in April and May is a common problem among students aged 6 to 99, so here are a few tips to turn your spring fever into your most productive months of the year!


1. Enjoy the warm weather!  When beautiful spring days beckon, answer the call.  Instead of fighting the urge to get outside, take your reading assignments, laptop, and notebook outdoors.  By indulging in a little fresh air, you won’t feel that you are depriving yourself, and you may find that you are able to accomplish many assignments that you were previously putting off. 


2. Reflect on your goals.  Take time to think about your educational goals.  Write them down.  Why did you enroll in your courses in the first place?  What is your goal date for finishing your degree?  What do you hope to accomplish after you’ve earned your degree?  On the days where you are feeling burnt out or wishing you could do something else besides study, revisit your goals and remember that you have the power to accomplish everything that is written down on that paper.  Knowing that an end is in sight and your dreams are waiting will help motivate you to keep up the hard work.   


3. Focus on a fresh start.  Spring is a time of awakening, new beginnings, and growth.  Apply this same energy to your studies.  Think of yourself as a spring flower.  It takes a lot of effort and bravery to face the elements in early spring; you really have to work hard to break through all the soil around you.  But hard work and determination will ensure you continue to grow and gain strength through your educational studies. 

Good luck and have a wonderful spring, JIU!