Updates to the Academic Code of Conduct

Posted on: August 08, 2013

JIU recently took the time to review our Academic Code of Conduct and determined plagiarism is an area of concern to faculty, staff, and students.  To help educate students, support the academic efforts of our staff and students, the plagiarism policy has been updated.

The update includes process changes designed to help students understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  Plagiarism is the use of others’ work as your own in your writing.  To avoid plagiarism, writers need to cite the sources they use for resource as well as the sources of support or dissent in their paper.  Student also should be aware that submitting a paper from one class to another class is a form of plagiarism.

The first time a student is reported for plagiarism, the Office of Student Affairs reviews the case and issues an official warning.  To remediate this first warning, the student initially receives a zero (0) for the assignment, but the student can resubmit a revised paper and complete the following steps:

  1. Revise the assignment based on the instructor’s comments.
  2. Submit the revised assignment to Turnitin to learn more about citations and what information should be cited.
  3. Submit the revised assignment to SmarThinking for tutoring help on APA citations.
  4. Submit the revised assignment, the Turnitin report, and the SmarThinking receipt to the instructor for partial credit.

For a second violation in the same or any other class, students will receive zero (0) points for the assignment with no opportunity to resubmit, and a third violation in the same or any other class results in immediate dismissal from JIU.

The really good news for students is that JIU makes so many resources available to help students avoid plagiarism!  Students have access to Turnitin, SmarThinking, the JIU Library and librarian, and www.plagiarism.org. Instructors are so helpful in guiding students in their writing, and every student is assigned a Student Solutions Advisor (SSA) to answer questions and help access resources.