Weekly Inspiration - Sherry's Story

Posted on: January 31, 2013

At JIU we are continually inspired by our students’ stories and achievements.  This week we share Sherry Wagner’s story with you.  At “fifty-something” she decided she needed to go back to school in order to advance her career.  Here is her story, in her own words:

“My name is Sherry Wagner.  I am very grateful the for my college experience that I have had so far.  I have had many people ask me “why would you go back to college in your 50’s?”   I told them the following reason:  I have worked for the same company over 16 years.  Over three years ago, my wonderful boss came into my office and told me the day before Thanksgiving and payday after working a 85 hour pay period that my wages was going to be cut 51% that my check that afternoon would be maybe $400.  I was so mad especially after making good money for so long; I was basically working for nothing.  The following Monday, I got online and started looking for a better job.  I applied for several jobs as a receptionist, and other office duties, because I knew I had the skills to do the job.  However, I did not have the one skill that they all wanted and that was an associate’s degree in business.  That is when I sat down and talk to my husband and said: “I need to go to back to school and get a degree in business, if I am going to get a better job.”  He agreed 100%." 

"I worked my behind off for two years and got my associates degree in business from another college.  In those two years, I made the presidents list and the honor roll twice.  Once I accomplished that awesome goal, the job hunt began again, now all the jobs that I am applying for want a degree in Healthcare Management and knowledge of medical terminology.  So after doing lots of research, I found Jones Internal University, a school that is willing to help a spouse of a veteran fulfill her dreams and get her degree in Healthcare Management and give me encouragement all the way.  I am looking forward to getting a better job where I will be able to help others and do something that I enjoy instead of having to work a lot of the time for free at my present job.  I am looking for the dream job that I have and will be working hard for.  I am encouraging my daughters and friends to go back to school and further their education, because one never knows when they might be the main bread winner in their home and without a decent job they might have the means to do so.”

Sherry, JIU wishes  you best of luck in your future and job search!  Kudos for working so hard to earn not just one, but two degrees after age 50!