What is your learning style?

Posted on: September 11, 2013

Did you know that each person has a different learning style?  Understanding your learning style will greatly help you absorb your studies in an online setting.  Once you know your strengths, you can apply them to each course you take, or perhaps even tailor your course choices to match your style of learning.  You may even want to seek out fellow students who follow the same learning style and collaborate on certain projects or create a study group.   Below we outline the three main learning styles.  Read on to see which best describes you.

Tactile Learners

Tactile or kinesthetic learners shine when they are able to learn by doing.  These types of learners like hands-on projects or problems that involve a practical or real-life setting.  Tactile learners typically have a hard time sitting through a long lecture in a traditional classroom, so an online learning setting may be better for this type of person.  These learners typically remember things best when they are acted out and are often active people themselves with hobbies such as running or cooking.

Visual Learners

 Visual learners excel when they are able to see a problem or lesson described via charts, images, and diagrams.  Visual learners usually take a lot of notes and draw their own diagrams to help explain concepts.  In a traditional classroom, visual learners usually end up at the front of the class to be close to the blackboard.  In an online setting, visual learners may want to print out copies of notes and diagrams from their instructors and may consider taking their own notes in addition to those provided.

Auditory learners

Auditory learners have a knack for remembering what they hear. These folks learn the most from dialogues and lectures.  Auditory learners usually enjoy podcasts and videos of lectures.  Some auditory learners enjoy recording themselves reading notes aloud so that they can re-listen at a later date.  Auditory learners generally don’t glean much information from visual aids or notes written out in a powerpoint presentation.  Auditory learners often excel in an online setting as they can listen to their professor’s lecture online, and then re-listen to it before an exam or project to absorb more information.

So what type of learner are you?  If you pay attention to your learning style and use the tools that help you absorb the most information, you will find success in your studies and coursework.