Words of Wisdom from the Class of 2014

Posted on: June 16, 2014

As our 2014 Online Commencement Ceremony draws near, we are pleased to congratulate and celebrate all of the members of the Class of 2014 for their amazing accomplishments and for earning their degrees.  In celebration of our upcoming 2014 Online Commencement Ceremony, we’d like to share a few words and sentiments from a few of our 2014 graduates. These graduates share their thoughts on how JIU has impacted their lives and also share their own inspirational messages for the future.  As we cannot say it any better, read on for words of wisdom from the Class of 2014!


A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 

-Troy Bell, Doctorate of Education in K-12 Education Leadership


Never, Ever, Ever give up!

-Stacey Bocks, BBA - Accounting


Learning can open the door of opportunity when you least expect it. 

-Sheryl Carlson,  MABC - Project Management


Success is a door waiting to be open and only we have the keys to venture into this challenging new world!! 

-Alicia Celestine,  MBA - Health Care Management


Treasure this day for all it is worth.

-Charlene Ellington, BBA - Generalist


Perseverance is the key to success.

-Mary Ford, Doctorate of Education in K-12 Education Leadership


Always give your best and the best will come to you. 

-Diana Gautam,  MEd in Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Teacher Licensure



-Dawn Henry, MBA - Accounting


Chasing a dream requires your efforts and passion.

-Rebekah Jones, MEd in Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Teacher Licensure


Always remain open to new and different roads.

-Rita Malone, Associate of Arts in Business Administration


Always remember, learning never stops.

-Wendy Norton, BBA Accounting 


Be Well. Be Determined. Be Driven. Be Focused. Be Prepared. Be Honest With Yourself. Be Humble. Be Confident. Be an Example. 

-Carla Norwood – Jeter, BBA Project Management 


Go out into the world and let your light shine!

-Rachel Pannel,  BABC - Communication Management


May your future be bright, full of joy, and successful 

-Iman Redwani, BABC - Sales and Marketing


Welcome to the whole world of opportunities!

-Claudia Ritarossi, MBA – Entrepreneurship


Commit to your commitment. 

-Deirdre Roberts, Associate of Arts in Business Administration


To read more, view the graduates’ profiles featured on the Yearbook located on the JIU Graduation Website. Congratulations to the JIU Graduating Class of 2014!  We look forward to celebrating with the Class of 2014 and their friends and family during our online graduation ceremony on June 29.  Visit http://graduation.jiu.edu/ for more information!