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Posted on: July 23, 2013

The Office of Student Affairs has been very busy resurrecting student groups and starting some new opportunities for JIU students and alumni to engage with JIU and each other.  Below we outline several student and alumni organizations.  Read on to find out more about leadership and membership opportunities.

Posted on: July 17, 2013

This week we are excited to profile another one of our amazing students, Butterfly White.  Butterfly is a writer and hopes to become a self-published author as well as run her own publishing house – Write and Take Flight.  She enrolled in JIU to better understand the business aspects of self-publishing, in her own words, here is her story!

“When I reached a point in my professional career when I realized I did not have enough information to successfully operate my businesses I decided to go...

Posted on: June 27, 2013

Today is your graduation day, Class of 2013!  Congratulations on this momentous achievement!  So now what?  Some of you may already be putting your degree to work in your current career or a new job for which you are recently qualified.  Some of you may be wondering what to do moving forward.  Here are a few ideas for what to do post JIU.


  1. RELAX!  Celebrate.  Enjoy.  You’ve done it, now it is time to enjoy your free time.  Revel in your achievement.  Show off your degree to...
Posted on: June 26, 2013

We are always impressed by the amazing accomplishments of our JIU students and graduates.  This month we’d like to introduce you to Joseph Ray, who is just five weeks shy of completing his Master of Educational Administration degree from JIU’s School of Education. This fall Joseph plans to open a private school called N Front of Science Preparatory Academy, where he will act as principal and school administrator.  Read on below for Joseph’s description of N Front of Science Preparatory Academy!

Posted on: June 11, 2013

Summer is a busy time for all – between increased social engagements, travel, vacations, and the beautiful weather; it can often be difficult to focus on school work.  Here are a few tips for keeping up with your coursework during the summer.

  1. Plan ahead – if you know you will be out of town for a long weekend or extended period, schedule extra time before you leave to get your work completed. By getting all work done ahead of time, you’ll be better able to enjoy your trip stress free....