John Adams
MLIS, University of Denver
MS, Texas State University Applied Sociology
Data Analyst
Cameron Hazel
MLS, University of British Columbia
Doctoral Librarian
Julia Davis
MS, University Of Colorado, Boulder
Director of Project Management
Sondra D’Aquisto
MS, Texas State University
Associate Director of Institutional Research
BA, Hastings College
Academic Affairs Coordinator
MA, University of Colorado
Instructional Design Manager
Jennifer Lee
BA, Jones International University
Manager of Faculty Records
Jeanne Louks
Project Manager of Academic Affairs
MA, Middlebury College
Manager of Instructional Web Development
Austin Nielson
MBA, Jones International University
Manager of Clinical Practice and Licensure Support
BA, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Coordinator for the Office of Disability Services
Samara Rasmussen
MA, University of Denver, Counseling Psychology
Director of Student Affairs
Kathi Stephens
Bookstore Manager
Kristi Thorland
MA, University of Colorado
Coordinator of Faculty Development