JIU Students and Alumni

JIU STUDENTS are a diverse group of adult learners who are leaders, motivated to advance their careers and change their lives.  Each student has a personal story and unique reasons for pursuing their education at JIU.  They may be just starting out in their careers or may have been in their field for many years and are looking to expand their skills or change jobs altogether. 

As different as they are, all our students share a common belief that knowledge is critical to their professional and personal growth.


It wasn’t until boot camp and long-term exposure to toxic chemicals that Air Force Veteran, Chris Paschane, discovered his passion for fitness.  However, after earning several top fitness credentials, Chris realized his career would eventually plateau if he didn't acquire the essential business knowledge he needed to take his career to the next level.  His MBA in Entrepreneurship from Jones International University gave him the business fundamentals required to launch his company that is focused on helping other veterans succeed.  

Chris Paschane

Vanessa used the tools and skills from her master’s courses at Jones International University, as building blocks to create and launch a non-profit organization. The Ayden Rae Foundation was born from a deep passion that drives Vanessa to impact her community and the world with the good news that woman can survive a life threatening pregnancy condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). At Jones International University you really do, Learn it today. Use it tomorrow. Own it forever. Vanessa is a powerful testimony of how hard work, dedication and perseverance really can change the world!

Vanessa Pack

Furthering your education isn’t always about moving up the ladder. Sometimes the ability to enrich your life with experiences, both personal and interpersonal, can be enough motivation to reach for greater heights. Such is the case with Miguel Saenz, who recently received his Master’s degree in Leading The Customer-Driven Organization from JIU. It’s not only opened up doors of opportunity, but more importantly, it’s exponentially expanded his universe outside of work.

Miguel Saenz

Dr. Toni Hull always knew she wanted to be a teacher. But it wasn’t until she completed her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Jones International University that she realized she wanted to become a trailblazer in the education field. Through her doctorate coursework, Toni gained the skills, knowledge, and confidence to move beyond the classroom. Today Toni guides her peers in improving their classroom methods and, in doing so, supports the development of educational practices for students across the country.

Toni Hull

Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes it just sits there waiting to be recognized. For Taino Palermo, it came in the form of a Masters of Arts in Business Communication specializing in Entrepreneurship from JIU. His degree has provided him with the valuable skills and knowledge required to turn his passion for helping the underserved youth of Syracuse, New York into a vital force for positive change in his community.

Taino is now pursuing his Doctorate in K-12 Education Leadership from JIU.

Taino Palermo

JIU Students Share Their Stories

When I started this journey, I didn't know what to expect. Schools had changed drastically over the last twenty years and I was hesitant of the education I would receive online. It didn't take long for me to realize JIU is an incredible institution that diligently prepares students for professional aspirations. I am proud and honored to be a JIU graduate.

Dennese Armbruster

I stared at the computer screen for nearly an hour after writing the last sentence of chapter 14. Partly in awe at the accomplishment but mostly filled with fear as I realized the most difficult part of being an author is not the writing. As a natural conduit for communication, the ability to reach into the deepest parts of my memory banks to develop characters and storylines is second nature. But what to do once the next six chapters are written is what crippled me with fear. My mind circled through what seemed like daunting and endless questions. Who should edit my book? What should the layout and cover look like? Will I be able to afford to print inventory and if so how do I go about marketing the book I have written? And most importantly, how do I find the money I need to make all of this happen? In order to assuage my trepidations, I enrolled in business school at Jones International University. I must earn my degree in order to gain a complete understanding of the publishing industry. Both my Admissions Counselor and Student Solutions Advisor have been instrumental in assisting me with all my questions, and the skills I am acquiring will be critical to my overall success publishing not just my own literary works, but the works of those who utilize the services of my publishing company.  I may sound overly ambitious, but would love to one day be known as Dr. Butterfly White.

Butterfly White

Jones International University (JIU) was a solid and promising learning experience for me.   Everyone was great from the beginning and were always available to help answer my questions. The technical support team is AMAZING.  They are open 24/7 and would solve computer issues in seconds when I thought they were going to be impossible to fix!  The professors were very intelligent, kind, efficient, helpful and challenging.  You form bonds and learn from classmates as you engage with each other in the classes, and it was an incredible experience to learn from people of all diverse backgrounds. I learned so much from the JIU professors, our assignment and colleagues.  I would recommend JIU to anyone. 

Cindy Morrison

Over the past five years, since graduating from JIU with both my BBA and MBA, I have been able to work for several top companies and continue to move up in positions and responsibilities.  I believe my decision to attend JIU has given me the skills and knowledge to continue to be successful in my career.  I am very appreciative for my time at JIU and wish current and future students well!

Larry McClendon

Jones International University (JIU) has given me a rich experience and enabled me to continue my education despite my demanding job.  There is great student interaction, relevant courses and exceptional professors that continually encouraged us to think outside the box and reach our highest potential.  My experience here at JIU has been life changing! 

John Blake