BA710: Foundations of Management Science

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Course Overview

This course provides incoming doctoral candidates with a comprehensive overview of both historical and current perspectives on management science theory and practice.

While the focus is on the growth of U.S. business science, candidates will also be exposed to pertinent international trends and research. The course is organized around four management science eras:

  • Early Management Thought
  • The Scientific Management Era
  • The Social Person Era
  • The Modern Era

The assignments focus on reading and writing analyses of journal articles relevant to management science, with an emphasis on transitioning into writing at the doctoral level.

The course project, Research Portfolio: Management Science Seminal Works, is a portfolio comprised of the three superior quality analyses candidates author throughout the course. The portfolio is a reflection of the historical and current perspectives on management science’s theory and evolution.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate and exhibit an understanding of the thesis of a journal article by reading such articles and composing a written analysis.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of researching electronic information at the doctoral level.
  • Develop and articulate both an historical and current perspective on management science theory that incorporates the evolution of management science.
  • Analyze and express comprehension of the anatomy of a researched analysis using examples provided in the course.
  • Write professional research analyses defining how theoretical perspectives have or continue to impact management practice.
  • Review, scrutinize, and re-write three analyses in conformance with APA standards.
  • Create a portfolio that demonstrates growth in reading, writing research, analysis, and content knowledge.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements