BA712: Organizational Development

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Course Overview

This course discusses how continual change within an organization affects its ability to compete in the global economy. It addresses emerging trends in organizational development and the positive impact they can make in the knowledge-worker era. Incorporating the best of the seminal work from behavioral sciences, along with proven change management techniques, the course will also integrate new criteria for creating learning organizations that remain flexible and adaptable.

The course project, Research Paper: Applying Theory to a Real-world Business Problem, explores a practical business problem selected by the candidate. The candidate will examine how their chosen business problem has impacted the business environment and then will propose, analyze, and evaluate three possible solutions.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Develop both an historical and current perspective of organization development theory: the evolution of organization development, seminal works of theory and research, how theoretical perspectives have or continue to impact organization development practice, and the application of theoretical findings in a business enterprise.
  • Develop a current perspective on the field of organizational development and how adaptations of theory and practice need to be reinvented for the knowledge worker era.
  • Review, analyze, and integrate the major theoretical underpinnings of organization development to help understand how these theories contribute to managerial strategies necessary for meeting the needs of the organization, the shareholders, customers and the business community.
  • Analyze the current body of knowledge of organization development research pertaining to technology, globalization and application of such findings in the current business environment.
  • Apply research theories and identify methodological insights in beginning to build individual annotated bibliographic citations for use in the doctoral program.
  • Identify applicable seminal research, theory, and/or methods, particularly action research, from this course relevant to individual research question(s); and contribute to the field of study by extending previous knowledge.