BA717: Strategic Management

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Course Overview

This course provides candidates the opportunity to not only examine the concepts of strategic management, but also to review their previous research in all of their doctoral courses through the lens of strategic management concepts. In this course, candidates will bring their lessons learned from those individual courses into the larger context of strategic management.

Through the course project, Research Paper: Strategic Management Concepts and the DBA Project, candidates will demonstrate their thorough understanding of five strategic management concepts that they believe to be the most pertinent to their proposed DBA Project. Project activities will focus not only on the current body of knowledge in strategic management, but also require candidates to revisit their many course projects from previous courses, affording them the opportunity to make new discoveries and reexamine previous arguments for accuracy and relevancy in relation to their proposed DBA Project.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Develop a “big picture” perspective of organizational strategy: what strategy is how it is developed, how it is implemented, and the relationship between strategy and firm performance.
  • Demonstrate understanding of competitive assessment, strategic thinking, and decision-making.
  • Review, integrate, and apply previous doctoral coursework research to examine the effects of managerial decisions on the organization and the system it operates in.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the dramatic shifts in technology, demographics, outsourcing, supply networks, and business practices that are key strategies in the current business environment.
  • Identify applicable seminal research, theory, and/or methods from this course relevant to individual research question(s) and contribute to the field of study by extending previous knowledge.