BBA110: History of Business

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Course Overview

This course delves into the history of business. It highlights the individuals, businesses, and ideas that have shaped the landscape of modern business, such as:

  • The history of business as driven by technological developments
  • Sociological, cultural, and ethical impacts on business
  • How globalization impacts business

The course project, Historical Research Paper: Tracing the Roots of Modern Business, focuses on an industry that has significant impact on business culture. Students conduct research to trace the historical roots of the industry, including significant societal, ethical, and global issues that have had an impact on the industry.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Examine the evolution of business from the Pre-Industrial Revolution forward to the Information Age.
  • Determine how culture, ethics, and technology have shaped and are shaping business; and discuss their potential long-term effect.
  • Research how business has a significant impact on different cultures of different countries.
  • Write an historical research paper on an industry that you feel has had a significant impact on business and/or on a culture.