BBA110: Modern Business Trends

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course will provide you with an overview of past, present, and future trends in business. It will examine both the current and future impact of these trends on the role of business managers and leaders. In addition to weekly written work based on the assigned readings and theme content, you are expected to actively participate and interact in the weekly Forum Discussions, presenting your personal experiences and research findings. Outside resources such as current literature, periodicals, and video will be used to provide you with real-time, real-world research and discussion materials.

This is a survey course of current business topics that have a direct impact on how business is conducted. Each of the eight modules includes required readings and two assignments. The assignments include Forum Discussions and a deliverable on specified module-related topics.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate your ability to use critical thinking skills in Forum discussions and in preparing electronic presentations based on assigned and outside readings.
  • Explain what globalization means, what makes a business global, and how globalization affects the world around us.
  • Describe the importance of business ethics and corporate responsibility.
  • Describe how quality management principles have influenced current production environments.
  • Sum up how collecting, managing, and using data impacts business.
  • Discuss the impacts of unions and wage protection regulations on businesses.
  • Discuss the impact of job-hopping on business.
  • Correlate business trends and summarize how they help or hinder business owners, their employees, and their customers.