BBA311: Using the Internet in Business

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Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course explores the practice of using the Internet for business by examining fundamental business models and Internet business case study examples. Exchanging business information electronically, improving efficiency, and integrating the business supply chain are keys to successful electronic commerce. Students will investigate a wide range of related topics including:

  • Internet business models
  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Core assets for an Internet business
  • Managing the supply chain and customer relationships

The course project is an Internet Business Plan: Persuading Potential Investors to Fund a Business. It will include a business concept proposal, an operations plan, a marketing plan, a customer relationship and management plan, a supply chain plan, and a funding plan.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Determine an opportunity for an e-commerce application by analyzing the competing businesses and the key value proposition.
  • In a formal business plan, clearly describe business objectives and competitive forces; and provide a compelling executive summary for an e-commerce application.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of web service providers, and provide requirements for hosting an e-commerce website.
  • Develop a marketing plan that contrasts the products or services against the competition and outlines the venues for advertising describing the benefits for each.
  • Develop a customer relationship plan that describes the process steps for handling customers from the point of purchase through full-service delivery.
  • Identify the requirement for the supply chain for an e-commerce business and describe the flow of the supply chain.
  • Develop a balance sheet of startup costs and ongoing maintenance for an e-commerce business.
  • Write a formal proposal for presenting a business value proposition and operations plan for a business setting.