BBA408: Intermediate Accounting II

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course extends the material from BBA306 and BBA407, examining in greater detail liabilities, equity, and corporate accounting issues. BBA407 is a prerequisite for this course. Students will investigate accounting for a wide range of related topics including:

  • Investments and leases
  • Income taxes
  • Pensions and other postretirement benefit plans
  • Shareholders' equity, share-based compensation, and earnings per share

Students will participate in Forum discussions, complete sets of accounting problems using Microsoft Excel® templates, and complete case study problems. To complete assignments in this course, students must have access to Microsoft Office® including Word and Excel.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Apply appropriate accounting methods for specific stock and debt securities, based on the nature of the investments.
  • Apply accounting concepts and techniques to short-term and long-term liabilities.
  • Apply accounting concepts and techniques to various leasing options, including capital leases, financing or sales-type leases, and operating leases.
  • Measure and report temporary differences that result in deferred tax assets and liabilities.
  • Measure and report defined contribution and benefit pension plans, plus other postretirement benefits.
  • Measure and report invested and earned capital including earnings per share calculations.
  • Measure and report accounting changes and error corrections in a variety of situations.
  • Apply accounting concepts and techniques to measure and report all cash inflows and cash outflows, classifying them as operating, investing, or financing activities.

Course Prerequisites